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Get a goVerify
Legit Check for $5

Save yourself time messaging sellers, we'll give you an opinion in less than 24 hours.

Look for the goVerify button on certain listings on

How our legit check service works

Certain eBay listings have a goVerify Legit check button, click it to start
1. goVerify link on eBay listing
We will automatically add the listing you came from.
2. Add your email address
After you hit submit we will begin the review process.
3. Legit check sent in 24 hours
After you pay $5 you’ll receive our legit check opinion.
If we are unable to give an opinion you are not charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to get my legit check?
24 hours or less.
2. How much does it cost?
3. Do I pay if you can’t give an opinion?
4. How do you do a legit check?
Our machine learning (ML) algorithm does a review of the listing data, including image data, and makes an initial decision. Then we have two levels of human product experts that review the images and ML decisions. Only once both experts are happy do we confirm a final opinion.
5. Do you provide a certificate of authenticity?
No, we provide an opinion only.
6. Looking for more info?
See our FAQ or get help from our support team.